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Articles and Research on the JFK Assassination by David W. Mantik M.D, Ph.D.

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis: Forensic Analysis of the JFK Autopsy X-Rays Proves Two Headshots from the Right Front and One from the Rear


The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis presents indisputable forensic evidence that two shots fired from the front and one shot fired from the rear killed the president in a Dealey Plaza crossfire—exposing a sixty-year coverup by the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and the Secret Service.
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Read here: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Writes Preface to New Book “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis” and Includes the CIA Connection


Please note that the title of this book has been changed to THE JFK ASSASSINATION DECODED: Criminal Forgery in the Autopsy Photographs and X-rays.

Several ardent supporters of my book have suggested that my original title was too banal—and also misleadingly benign.
The new title is no longer benign—and it is surely more uncompromising.
David W. Mantik
THE JFK ASSASSINATION DECODED: Criminal Forgery in the Autopsy Photographs and X-rays January 9. 2023

Available in both Hardcover and Kindle Editions.

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Dr.Mantik's presentation from the CAPA 2022 JFK Conference is found here. The title is "What happened to JFK’s limousine after the assassination?"

It concerns the conclusions (after 30 years) on the Scope of the 1963 Taxpayer-Supported Cover-up: the Windshield is a Paradigm...

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New Book Reviews

Cyril Wecht M.D. J.D. Forensic Pathologist, Medicolegal Consultant
Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2022: Verified Purchase


David Mantik's prodigious compilation volume, JFK Assassination Paradoxes: Essays And Reviews & JFK's Head Wounds is a truly magnificent work of precision and expertise.

His detailed analysis of JFK's head wounds is excellent.

What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

I believe that this wonderful work of art should unequivocally negate the conclusions of the Warren Commission Report.
Thank you David, for your tireless efforts to reveal the truth about the JFK assassination.
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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2022
In this historic work, Dr. David Mantik, who is both a physicist and a radiation oncologist, proves with hard scientific evidence that the JFK autopsy skull x-rays have been altered. As Dr. Greg Henkelmann says in his endorsement of this book, "to reject alteration of the JFK skull x-rays is to reject basic physics and radiology."

Why were the skull x-rays altered? They were altered in an attempt to conceal evidence that more than one bullet struck President Kennedy's skull. They were also altered to add an object (the 6.5 mm object) that would appear to show that the ammo that struck Kennedy's head was the same ammo that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly used.

For years, the 6.5 mm object was assumed to be a bullet fragment, even though the autopsy report strangely said nothing about it. Dr. Mantik proves with optical density measurements and other data that the object is actually a ghosted image that has been placed over a much smaller genuine bullet fragment (about 2 mm in size). The 6.5 mm object was added to the A-P skull x-ray after the autopsy. This explains why the autopsy report does not mention it. This also explains why there is no object on the lateral skull x-ray that corresponds to the 6.5 mm object.

Dr. Mantik makes a powerful case that more than one bullet struck Kennedy's head, and that Kennedy's head was struck from more than one direction. In the process of doing so, he presents strong evidence that the Harper Fragment was occipital bone, i.e., bone from the back of the head, not from the side of the head. This finding, of course, calls into question the autopsy photos that show the back of the head intact.

Dr. Mantik also addresses the research of Vincent Bugliosi, Pat Speers, John McAdams, Randy Robertson, and Fred Litwin.

This book is one of the most important books ever written on the JFK assassination. In my 20-plus years of researching and writing about the JFK case, I have not read a more informative, detailed book on the medical evidence and JFK's head wounds.

Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2022
This compilation of essays and reviews by David Mantik is the result of multiple visits to view the autopsy x-rays of President Kennedy at the Archives in College Park. Very few individuals have been approved to view these x-rays, and Dr. Mantik's background as a physicist and radiation oncologist provide him with the scientific background to fully understand these images. There are two official versions of the skull wounds, with the pathologist's report for the Warren Commission stating that there was a solitary bullet entry in the right lower occipital aspect of the skull. Why would the subsequent government appointed medical panels move the bullet entry up by 4 inches on the back of the skull? Because the photographs and x-rays were not compatible with the Warren Commission description of the wounds. But these subsequent medical panels were even further from the truth than the Warren Commission report. Mantik shows that there is irrefutable evidence of more than one shot impacting the skull. Furthermore, he shows how the skull x-rays were manipulated through the process of copying, in an attempt to hide the evidence of an exit wound in the right rear of the skull, and to add a bullet like image to the film, implicating the 6.5 mm bullet of a Mannlicher Carcano rifle. Mantik shows through the use of optical density measurements of the film that these two areas of the x-rays defy the laws of science, and could not have occurred without tampering of the film. Whoever added these details to the film did not foresee that they would eventually be examined by someone who could prove scientifically that they had been altered. 59 years later, the American people deserve answers. It's too late for justice, but we can't learn from history if we don't know the truth.

Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2022
I was thrilled to receive the hardcover edition of Dr. Mantik’s book as a gift since I was familiar with his earlier work. Having previously read “JFK’s Head Wounds” and attended several conferences where Dr. Mantik spoke on this topic, I expected this to be a work of extraordinary scholarship – and I was not disappointed!! His scientific approach and meticulous attention to detail provides the reader with an unquestionably clear picture of the fraud perpetrated upon the American people in regard to the medical evidence in the JFK assassination.

The essays and book reviews, all written in the style of a true scientist, provide a complete picture of this complex topic. The numerous color illustrations serve to further the understanding of the detailed descriptions of the wounds and the significance in view of the official autopsy conclusions. Who but Dr. Mantik, having made nine visits to the National Archives to examine the autopsy photos and x-rays, could provide more conclusive proof about JFK’s head wounds?
The chapter, “Museum Masquerade,” is a must, discussing the real truth surrounding the images purported to represent the first-generation Zapruder film. What seemingly transpired over time at the Sixth Floor Museum is astounding, but just one more example of the apparent lengths taken to deceive the American public.
Dr. Mantik’s reviews of other JFK assassination authors are also extremely valuable since they are written with an impartial eye, true to scientific-based evidence. In the case of Bugliosi, Dr. Mantik demonstrates that quantity doesn’t always mean quality.
I could go on at length about the contents of this book and its ability to demonstrate the importance of his findings along with the contributions he recognizes of other serious researchers. If you want to understand the medical evidence (which is the Rosetta Stone in revealing the high-level cover-up and conspiracy), appreciate the gravity of the deception perpetrated by official findings, and ultimately grasp the significance of this fraud, you need look no farther. This is your textbook reference to procure the truth.

From other countries

5.0 out of 5 stars This book is a masterpiece of extensive research and deductive reasoning
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 16, 2022
Dr. David Mantik's latest book: JFK Assassination Paradoxes: Essays And Reviews & JFK's Head Wounds does not disappoint.
This book is one of the most comprehensive medical and scientific analyses of the head wounds that killed President Kennedy. There are so many discrepancies and inconsistencies in the official narrative it is sometimes challenging to keep track.
The term “Conspiracy Theory” is used when describing alternate theories to the official narrative of the JFK assassination. This ad hominem attack is used to discredit facts and suppress evidence that deviates from the official narrative. In his book, Dr. David Mantik, M.D. Ph.D. uses his scientific and medical training to analyze the evidence, discover the truth, and identify cover-ups and inconsistencies in the JFK assassination story. His book identifies the many discrepancies and paradoxes in the official narrative that he discovers through exhaustive analysis, eyewitness interviews, and an obsession with finding the truth. His logical and scientific approach refutes the many inconsistencies that officials have promulgated as fact since the 22nd of November 1963. From the 6.5mm metallic fragment in the AP autopsy X-ray to the “black rectangle” patch on the back of President Kennedy's skull identified in the copy of the Zapruder film, to name a few. Every inconsistency Dr. Mantik has identified in his book is another example of evidence modified to obscure the truth. In other parts of the book, Dr. Mantik spends a significant amount of time and energy addressing and debunking the sophomoric analysis and conclusions of other authors in a very analytical and comprehensive manner.
Although the majority of Americans still do not believe the Warren Commissions' fairy tale, only a limited number of people will be in a position to evaluate the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence that supports a different narrative.
We are approximately one year away from the 60th anniversary of this tragic event, and the societal memory of the assassination is fading. Fortunately, there are dedicated researchers like Dr. Mantik and filmmakers like Oliver Stone, who are committed to finding the truth and having the courage to present their evidence to the public.
Dr. William Keough
Consultant, Clinical Scientist
Edinburgh Cancer Centre
Edinburgh, Scotland

Phil Dragoo
Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2022


Dr. Mantik enumerates ten JFK Assassination Paradoxes including the large hole in the back of the president's head seen by at least sixteen at Parkland, eight at Bethesda, and others from Dealey Plaza to the embalmers totaling over forty—yet the autopsy photo of the back of the head shows not a hair out of place—although the wound area appears uniquely two-dimensional when viewed as a stereo pair at the National Archives.

What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

Another paradox is the obvious 6.5mm round object on the AP Skull X-ray not seen by the three pathologists nor any other Bethesda medical personnel. Mantik's mention of this causes Bethesda X-ray chief Ebersole to terminate the ARRB call.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

Additionally, Oswald neither owned nor fired a rifle, the autopsy photos and X-rays as well as the Zapruder film have been altered.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

The large posterior defect implies a frontal shot, hence the blacked out rear of head on Z-317, Z-321, Z-323, Z-337.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

A series of proponents of authenticity of autopsy X-rays and photos as well as the Zapruder film include Bugliosi as Hamilton Burger, Fred Litwin displaying energetic willfully ignorant bias confirmation, Randolph Robertson dismissing the forty witnesses to the occipital defect, McAdams the master of the logical fallacy, Sunstein calling for government to counter conspiracy theorists (a phrase introduced by CIA in its 1967 memo countering Warren Report critics), Pat Speer shrugging off Humes, Boswell, Fincke's failure to mention the 6.5mm object as “some kind of mistake”, Robert Wagner the Bugliosi clone who didn't look at Mantik's work, to Josiah Thompson who believes Oswald shot Tippit , believes the impossibly flawed acoustic evidence, and does not show the 6.5mm object indicating he is not serious about the case.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

The limo was flown to Dearborn Monday November 25th where the windshield with its through-and-through hole was replaced. Thanks to Doug Weldon, Doug Horne, and Anthony DeFiore the South Knoll emerges as a likely source for a headshot, specifically the throat entry identified by Malcolm Perry.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

The second half of Paradoxes is Mantik's stunning JFK's Head Wounds: a Final Synthesis—and a New Analysis of the Harper Fragment (HF). There are fifteen indicators of the occipital origin of the HF.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

The headshots: 1) near EOP (perhaps from a lower floor of the Dal-Tex Building): 2) right forehead at hairline near point of incision in autopsy photo (Stare of Death) leaving a trail of metal (mercury?) straight back (from South Knoll—or North storm sewer); 3) right temple: “oblique entry anterior to right ear” (Grassy Knoll perhaps) blowing out the HF.
What he has accomplished in compiling this very special book is astounding.

Paradoxes has over a thousand end notes and closes with a sardonic nod to Otto Skorzeny, his hitman and trainer Jean Rene Soutre, and Frederick Forsyth's Day of the Jackal's description of a mercury bullet.

Douglas Horne, former Chief Analyst for Military Records, on the ARRB Staff
Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2022

The Capstone to a Lifetime of Research into the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence

I have been waiting for this book to be published for a long time, and it has been well worth the wait. The color illustrations in this new hardcover book make it well worth the price. So do all of the newly published essays and book reviews, most of them never before available elsewhere. This is my review of the new hardback (paper) edition.

David W. Mantik, for those who do not know, has earned an M.D. (he is a radiation oncologist who is qualified to read skull x-rays) and a Ph.D. in physics, so he is a true scientist who applies scientific rigor to the many paradoxes and conflicts in the medical and forensic evidence surrounding the JFK assassination. He has also visited the National Archives 9 different times to closely examine, and reexamine, the JFK autopsy photos and skull x-rays. I first heard him present on the subject in 1993 in Dallas, and ever since then I have followed his work closely, and with increasing admiration. By the mid-1990s, I considered his evolving work on the JFK skull x-rays so important that I persuaded the ARRB General Counsel (Jeremy Gunn) to enlist his services as a consultant to the Assassination Records Review Board in 1995 and 1996, as the staff prepared to take the depositions of the 3 pathologists who performed JFK's autopsy. Dr. Mantik's inputs concerning the JFK skull x-rays proved indispensable to the ARRB's medical depositions.

The central core of this, his final work, is the re-publication (on paper) of his earlier seminal work "JFK's Head Wounds," complemented with a plethora of absolutely essential full-color medical illustrations in this new paper edition. It will likely forever remain the definitive work on how many shots struck JFK in the head in Dallas (three), and about the proper anatomical placement of the Harper bone fragment in JFK's skull.

But even if one already has the earlier, Kindle version of "JFK's Head Wounds," this new book is worth purchasing simply to obtain the many essays and book reviews, which Mantik has been working on for years---most of which have not yet been published. Noteworthy among them is the newly published essay "Masquerade at the Museum," about the extremely serious (and troubling) evidentiary subterfuge surrounding the first-generation Zapruder film images at the Sixth Floor Museum, in Dallas. It is a shocking story of misrepresentation and deceit.

Mantik has also published, in this volume, book reviews of the central JFK-related works by authors Vincent Bugliosi, Sherry Fiester, Fred Litwin, Robert Wagner, and Josiah Thompson. David Mantik, in his own impeccably footnoted scientific style, takes them all to task for the many insupportable positions in their recent works.

He has also addressed, in considerable detail, his serious disagreements with one other credentialed researcher into the JFK medical evidence (Dr. Randy Robertson), and with two prominent JFK bloggers (John McAdams and Pat Speer).

I also highly recommend his new essay on the JFK limousine windshield.

Dr. Mantik has previously published many lengthy scientific articles online, and in published anthologies, about the JFK medical evidence. This new work is clearly the capstone to his considerable life's work in the JFK assassination research field. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

This book is a masterful example of the proper application of the scientific method to the often perplexing, and all-too-often misunderstood, JFK medical evidence. Well done!
Collage of Images

About Dr. David Mantik

David W. Mantik, MD, PhD is a radiation oncologist from Rancho Mirage, CA, USA. He received his doctorate in physics from the University of Wisconsin and then did a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Next came a tenure-track faculty position in physics at the University of Michigan, after which he left for medical school at the same institution. After internship and residency in radiation oncology at the LAC/USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, he joined the faculty at the Loma Linda University, where he held a fellowship from the American Cancer Society.

For over 40 years, he has treated cancer patients with X-rays, electrons, and protons. This requires meticulous knowledge of both external and internal anatomy—in the only medical specialty in which this is critical (or else tumors will be missed). In 1993, he visited the National Archives on four separate days to examine the autopsy X-rays and photographs. Altogether he has visited nine times over multiple years. Whilst there he used a technique called optical densitometry—to study the X-rays.

This technique has been available for many years but had never been applied to the JFK autopsy X-rays. It measures the transmission of ordinary light through selected points of the X-ray film. In principle, by using thousands of such points, a three-dimensional topographic map of the X-rays could be constructed. The higher points on this map would represent the blackest areas of the X-ray film and would correspond to areas in the body where the most X-rays had struck the film.

Such a map would be much richer in its details. For a normal human skull, the range of peaks and valleys on such a map should fall within a well-defined range. Any exceptional values—and especially those that lay unnaturally far outside would raise questions of authenticity. Based on three powerful clues from the extant autopsy X-rays at NARA, this data shows that the three skull X-rays are copies and that each one has been critically altered. One change was done quite specifically to incriminate Oswald. For further discussion, see his e-book, JFK’s Head Wounds.

Here are his comments about historians.

Between 1994 and 1998, the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) processed for release approximately 60,000 JFK assassination documents. Read More


David Mantik Presentation The National-Security State and the Kennedy Assassination

Go Here

After my lecture ends, go to about 1:30 for the video testimony of chief autopsy pathologist, James Humes, MD, before the HSCA, where he lied about the entry wound site on the back of JFK's head.

There is a blank segment of several minutes before that, which occurred while we tried to activate the video, so skip that useless part.

During the QandA, I forgot to look at the camera--so my apologies. I suspect I was distracted by the moderator's image in a corner of my screen.


David Mantik

Re: A Prosecutor [Bugliosi] Takes on the JFK Assassination

March 25, 2009 [email protected]

Letters to the Editor:

Sheldon M. Stern is now “absolutely convinced” that Vincent Bugliosi got it right—Oswald alone killed JFK. Inexplicably, though, Stern admits that Bugliosi “does not pretend to be objective.” Every issue of Skeptic Magazine state: “Skepticism is a provisional approach to claims. It is the application of reason to any and all ideas… It is a method, not a position.” So why has Skeptic abruptly abandoned skepticism in the JFK case? Stern quotes two prominent “researchers” as asking Bugliosi what would convince him of conspiracy. Bugliosi’s reply: “Only evidence.” The person who asked that question was me. In my view, Bugliosi can recite the correct sound bites, but he fails utterly to deliver. (See my online review — “Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi: A Not-Entirely-Positive Review.”) At his request, I gave Vince a laundry list of critical issues. (Twenty Conclusions after Nine Visits) Nonetheless, he chose to evade them. That is not merely my opinion. During several phone calls to me, initiated by Vince, he advised me that I was the only reviewer he had contacted. He also volunteered that he should have paid more attention. Of course, none of that is in print. All that remains is my glowing dust cover praise of his prosecutorial skills. Vince simply cannot stop playing prosecutor. But that is exactly what this case no longer needs. What it does need (especially the Oswald evidence) is a thorough-going skeptic, for which Vince has no professional preparation (nor does Stern).

My review cites The Two Cultures (1959) by C.P. Snow (a physicist): there is an unbridgeable chasm between the sciences and the arts (or in this case, between science and the law). My background in both physics (Ph.D.) and medicine (certified by the American Board of Radiology) permitted me to play the skeptic to the hilt. For example, any disciple of the Warren Commission (Stern included) is required to pledge allegiance to the following;

• Bugliosi believes that JFK was struck high on the posterior skull. Therefore, he must also believe that all three pathologists—and the radiologist—were wrong by 4 inches (sic).

• He must next believe that an internal cross section of this bullet (6.5 mm diameter) was sliced out, descended 1 cm lower and lodged near his entry site. (The nose and tail of this bullet were supposedly found inside the limo.)

• In addition, he must believe that the trail of metallic debris still lay well above his entry site. No ballistics expert has ever seen so much nonsense from one bullet (Murder in Dealey Plaza, edited by James Fetzer, p. 400).

Even worse, the congressional ballistics expert, Larry Sturdivan, has insisted that the 6.5 mm object could not be an authentic metal fragment, thereby depriving the official investigations of their chief linchpin. My optical density data (from the extant JFK X-rays) now explain why no one saw this bizarre object during the autopsy. To highlight this farce, my then six-year-old son immediately identified this object (in photos of the X-ray)—without any prompting.

So, who is the true skeptic—the prosecutor who tilts second-hand data to fit his pre-ordained case, or the scientist with hundreds of first-hand data points (on the extant JFK X-rays), who has also performed appropriate control experiments?

The interested reader can consult Skeptic magv6n4: “JFK—Case Still Open” by Arthur Snyder (another physicist). He can also peruse an entire raft of new books—Brothers by David Talbot; Oswald and the CIA (updated) by John Newman; JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglas; and Breach of Trust by Gerald D. McKnight. Meanwhile, for the medical evidence, we all await the magnum opus by Douglas P. Horne, an insider at the Assassination Records Review Board (and a somber skeptic).

In summary, Stern is hopelessly, and astonishingly, mired in the remote past and seems quaintly obsessed with a work of fiction—a movie of all things. The true skeptic can do far better. And so, can the editors of Skeptic Magazine.

These comments (see below) have been de-activated--because they violated "community standards."

James Moore must have inside knowledge: The JFK murder conspiracy is like QAnon

See Article

Moore: Government papers have been released, ballistics experts and, yes, physicists, have looked at the evidence and concluded that the fatal bullet came from the Texas Book Depository building.

MANTIK: I had not known this. It is amazing what one can learn from a Journalist who cannot cite a single fact. Virtually every expert I know has concluded exactly the opposite. Moore really should share his Incontrovertible sources with us.

Moore: It has become increasingly hard for the woman or the man in the street to discern between genuine scandal and partisan hokum whipped up for political purposes.

MANTIK: I already knew this, but I also knew that Journalists—inevitably with no training in physics or in medicine were equally Ignorant.

Moore: The “fact” is that this case, at its core, is backed by little more than the “feeling” that one man simply couldn’t have, on his own, changed history as Oswald did.

MANTIK: This is the first I’ve learned that my optical density measurements were so deeply affected by my “feelings.” it is also astonishing to learn that for nearly 30 years I have missed this. likewise, it is enlightening to learn that every single one of my fellow warren commission critics (many with PhDs and MDs) were also overwhelmed by their mere “feelings.”

MANTIK: Is this the same Jim Moore (or perhaps his son) who wrote this lone assassin book? Conspiracy of One: The Definitive Book on the Kennedy Assassination by Jim Moore

A long list of "Believers in a JFK Conspiracy" can be found in Murder in Dealey Plaza here (page 404):

John Barbour

Today, John Barbour and I were together on a 5-person panel for CAPA. Here

His film is absolutely marvelous—jam packed with rare historical footage and ancient interviews. Here

A Meeting of the Minds

Included in this video the JFK Assassination autopsy research is discussed. The panel consists of Dr. Mike Chesser, Dr. David Mantik, William Matson Law and James C. Jenkins. Filmed on location in Dallas, TX Go Here to watch.

Black OP radio

David recently featured on Black Op Radion Listen here

Responce to show from Jefferey Roger Sundberg


Great work - you remain at the top of your form - cogent, conscientious, competent, persuasive. And of course Len knows how to bring out

Not that Litwin, floundering in the ocean of facts and observations you set forth, needs anybody to throw him an anchor, but on page 935 of his opus Doug makes the following point on the various opinions in the official record that Dr. Humes offered on the actual location of the entry wound, which I don't think has been given sufficient play in the struggle against the Litwins, Bugliosis, Posners etc:

“Humes has now gone from omitting any mention of the beveled notch on the skull plate (in the autopsy report) to denying that such evidence existed in the periphery of the skull defect (in his Warren Commission testimony), to describing the photos of it as the posterior skull (in November of 1966), to acknowledging that it is indeed evidence of exit and stating that it is in the right parietal region (in the Military Review report), to abandoning that position and agreeing with the HSCA panel’s consensus that the exit wound in photograph no. 44 is in the frontal bone forward of the coronal suture. This is not the behavior of a man sure of his convictions; rather, it is the sorry behavior of a man involved in a coverup who, once caught in a lie, feels he has no choice but to continue lying and modifying his answers to save his skin, and thus avoid admitting he was involved in the coverup of the 35th President’s assassination. The reader will have noticed by now that at no time during the interview did Humes volunteer the information that he had originally described the photographs in which the beveled semcircular notch appears as representing the posterior skull."

Again, fantastic work on the podcast last night, and in the long and substantive review that it was based on!


Jefferson Morley

On April 29, my attorney Dan Hardway filed a petition for certiorari asking the Supreme Court to review my case, Morley v. CIA. When I filed this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit 16 years ago, I sought certain files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Perhaps the biggest single revelation generated by Morley v. CIA was the medal given to Joannides. Inside the agency, one might say that Joannides protected the agency’s “sources and methods” around the Oswald/AMSPELL/FPCC operation. Outside the agency, you could say he was honored, at least in part, for perpetuating the JFK cover-up. House Select Committee on Assassination general counsel G. Robert Blakey, now emeritus professor at Notre Dame law school, told PBS Frontline that Joannides had obstructed Congress’ investigation, a felony. Was he concealing the existence of a CIA operation to falsely blame Oswald for killing JFK? Or just CIA incompetence? Absent full disclosure, definitive conclusions are elusive. Morley v. CIA fell short of getting the whole story. The agency identified but never released 330 Joannides files I sought. These include 44 documents from 1963 and 1978, which concern Joannides’ cover and “intelligence methods.” They are key to the JFK story. I suspect they identify the senior agency officers who authorized psychological warfare operations that linked Oswald to Castro’s Cuba before and after JFK was killed. According to the agency, not a single word contained in these antique records – even with any potentially appropriate redactions for sources and methods – can be made public in 2019 without threatening “national security.” Given that most of the records in question are more than 50 years old, the claim seems far-fetched, if not suspicious. Nonetheless, the federal courts agree it is accurate. ‘Entirely Unreasonable’ The question now before the Supreme Court is not conspiracy. The issue is accountability and how the FOIA seeks to insure it. In the July 2018 majority opinion, Kavanaugh ruled the CIA acted “reasonably” in spurning my JFK queries. Judge Henderson countered that the government’s actions were “entirely unreasonable” and I should be awarded court costs. The high court now has the opportunity to decide. The answers are a long time coming. By Jefferson Morley April 30, 2019 See Here

Jim DiEugenio

The reason for the JFK Records Act was not to minimize government secrecy or to increase government transparency, but rather to “tamp down some of the assassination conspiracy theories. It is always astonishing to see one's fundamental beliefs corrected by the media. See Here

Dr. Malcolm Perry

Malcolm Perry lied to the Commission about the throat wound - From a newly released file. *The Journal follows the tenets of the Creative Commons Attribution License providing open access to scholars through the use of a Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) by Google Scholar. See Here Further Update on Malcolm Perry's lie (about the throat wound) to the Commission... See Here Of course the throat wound was an entry (perhaps a glass shard from the windshield?):The loyalists' persistent claim that ER doctors consistently misinterpret wounds (e.g., entrance vs. exit) cleverly evades these facts: 1. Such a tiny wound could not be duplicated in experiments by the Commission; 2. Milton Helpern, who had done 60,000 autopsies, had never seen an exit wound that small; 3. Before political leverage was exerted, the NPIC's first scenario included a throat shot at Z-190; 4. During a Commission Executive Session (December 18, 1963), John McCloy, Hale Boggs, and Gerald Ford actually discussed a possible frontal shot from the overpass. For further details, see my discussion under the paragraph, "The Throat Wound," See Here


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John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds:

A Final Synthesis — and a New Analysis of the Harper Fragment by David Mantik. Buy it Here:

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JFK Assassinated November 22 1963 12:30 P.M.